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$70.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780908321452
What would a history of New Zealand look like that focused on the experiences of women: one that shifted the angle of vision and examined the stages of this country’s development from the points of view of wives, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunts? In her ground-breaking A History of New Zealand Women, Barbara Brookes argues that while European men erected the political scaffolding to create a small nation, women created the infrastructure necessary for colonial society to succeed. Concepts of home, marriage and family brought by settler women, and integral to the developing state, transformed the lives of Maori women. The small scale of New Zealand society facilitated rapid change so that, by the 21st century, women are no longer defined by family contexts. Brookes traces the factors that drove that change. Her lively narrative draws on a wide variety of sources to map the importance in women’s lives not just of legal and economic changes, but of smaller joys, such as the arrival of a piano from England, or the freedom of riding a bicycle.
BLOOMSBURY SOUTH: The Arts in Christchurch 1933-1953 BLOOMSBURY SOUTH: The Arts in Christchurch 1933-1953
$70.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781869408480
For two decades in Christchurch a cast of extraordinary men and women remade the arts. Art historian Peter Simpson tells the remarkable story of the rise and fall of this ‘Bloomsbury South’ and the arts and artists that made it. He brings to life the individual talents and their passions, and takes you inside the scenes that they created together: Ursula Bethell and her visiting coterie of younger poets; Denis Glover and Leo Bensemann’s exacting typography at the Caxton Press; the yearly exhibitions and aesthetic clashes of the Group (included Rita Angus and Toss Woollaston); Colin McCahon and James K. Baxter’s developing friendship; the effects of Charles Brasch’s patronage; Ngaio Marsh’s Shakespearian re-creations at the Little Theatre; the music of Douglas Lilburn and the verse of Allen Curnow. Simpson recreates a Christchurch now lost, where a group of artists collaborated to create a distinctively New Zealand art which spoke to the condition of their country as it emerged into the modern era.

IN LOVE WITH THESE TIMES: My Life With Flying Nun Records IN LOVE WITH THESE TIMES: My Life With Flying Nun Records
$37.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781775540892
The inside story of New Zealand’s iconic independent record label by the man who made it happen. Roger Shepherd was working in a Christchurch record shop when he realised the local bands he loved needed someone to make their records. Flying Nun was born. Those records and the bands that created them – The Chills, The Clean, Chris Knox and the Tall Dwarfs, The Verlaines, Sneaky Feelings, The Bats, Straitjacket Fits and many more – went on to define an era and create what became known as ‘the Dunedin Sound’. In truth it was less a unified sound than a spirit of adventure and independence that characterised the Flying Nun ethos. In this long-awaited memoir, Shepherd describes the idealism and passion that drove the project in the first place, the hard realities of the music industry, and the constant tension between art and commerce. Filled with revealing anecdotes and insights, it is the definitive insider history of the one of the most innovative and original record labels of the modern era.
THE COASTAL GARDEN: Design Inspiration from Wild New Zealand THE COASTAL GARDEN: Design Inspiration from Wild New Zealand
$50.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781927213261
The Coastal Garden is essential reading for gardeners and garden designers interested in native plants and wanting to reconnect with their location, using both plant and site knowledge to stimulate design and planting ideas. Landform, location, geology and life-forms are inextricably woven together into distinctive landscapes around New Zealand’s shores. Chapter by chapter, The Coastal Garden investigates these differing environments and draws on ecological knowledge to inspire designers. Not just information about individual species, but ideas about communities of plants and the conditions they are responding to.Approaches to small gardens, large gardens and restoration projects along the coast vary, so there are tips for dealing with irrigation, nutrients and pests to suit plus a quick-reference plant identification section. There is a section devoted to colour palettes and textures of the native coast, and tips for hard landscaping and utility planting. The Coastal Garden is essential reading, not just for the enthusiastic gardener and professional landscape designer but also for all of those interested in the protection of our threatened coast.

$45.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781775538547
Landscape designer Xanthe White goes beneath the surface to reveal the secrets to successful gardening. As the title suggests, this book is all about the soil we find in our garden and more particularly how we can maximize its growing potential. If you've ever wondered why some plants thrive in one location but struggle in your own backyard you'll be likely to find explanations in the soil below. Xanthe White examines the five main soil types found in New Zealand and offers advice on how to get the best from each one by working in harmony with nature.Complete with ingredients guides for each soil type and ideas and design features to enhance its fertility, this is an essential companion for anyone looking to establish a new garden or improve their existing one.
THE GREY LYNN BOOK:  The life & times of New Zealand’s most fascinating suburb THE GREY LYNN BOOK: The life & times of New Zealand’s most fascinating suburb
$60.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780473331948
From the area’s origins as a highly valued strategic Maori stronghold to its status today as one of the most desirable of Auckland’s property locations, Grey Lynn and its colourful stories are brought to life by Matt McEvoy and photographer Stephen Entwisle. McEvoy digs down into the layers of the area’s remarkable history to reveal all its diversity: its cultures and people, institutions and enterprises. The Grey Lynn Book is a tribute to the suburb in all its variety, energy and adaptability – a book for everyone who loves Grey Lynn or has ever wondered what’s behind its cult status.

$40.00 NZD
ISBN: 9780143574361
Since competing at their first race meeting together in 2009, the powerhouse duo of rowers Hamish Bond and Eric Murray have never been beaten. Affectionately known as the Kiwi Pair, they are one of New Zealand’s most successful sporting partnerships of all time. Bond is considered the most technically proficient rower of a generation, while Murray is known for his huge engine, having set an indoor rowing world record for 18,728 metres in one hour. Yet behind the harmony on the water is an intriguing dynamic. They’re two very different people: one an introvert, one an extrovert. One works part time for a share-broking firm, one is a registered marriage celebrant. They spend more time together than with their own wives, yet it’s always been a love-hate relationship. Hamish and Eric certainly speak their minds, a candidness that is captured brilliantly with the help of broadcaster Scotty Stevenson in The Kiwi Pair.
$90.00 NZD
ISBN: 9781869539405
This environmental, social and cultural history of our association with the Hauraki Gulf tells the story of the gulf and its marine park: 1.4 million hectares of marine space that comprises over 50 islands, including Great Barrier and Great Mercury Islands, the entire east coast of Auckland, both coasts of the Coromandel Peninsula and the Firth of Thames. Having written widely on environmental topics, Raewyn Peart visited numerous places within this vast and incredibly diverse area and interviewed over 60 people whose lives have intersected with the Hauraki Gulf in various ways – local iwi leaders; men and women making a living from the gulf; those enjoying sailing, fishing and diving; and environmentalists who work tirelessly to preserve and restore our precious natural heritage. These stories are woven into a narrative of discovery and settlement, transformation of land and sea, and scientific research and restoration. Splendidly produced, with over 300 images, historic and contemporary, and specially commissioned maps.

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THE GREY LYNN BOOK: The life & times of New Zealand’s most fascinating suburb $60.00 NZD